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ICYMI: Buffalo News Editorial Board Endorses Governor Kathy Hochul

Published: October 29, 2022
Gov. Kathy Hochul has compiled an impressive record of achievement in the 14 months she has served as New York’s 57th governor.”


NEW YORK – Yesterday, the Buffalo News editorial board announced its endorsement of Governor Kathy Hochul, citing her impressive state budget, powerful response to the Buffalo mass shooting, and strong focus on combating crime. The editorial board said the weaknesses of her opponent, Lee Zeldin, only underscore the fact that Governor Hochul is the clear choice this November. 

The editorial praised Governor Hochul’s leadership, describing her as “​​simultaneously even-keeled and tough as nails.” Over the last 14 months, Governor Hochul has proven she has what it takes to lead New York forward. 

The Buffalo News endorsement comes on the heels of other editorial board endorsements from across the state, including Amsterdam News, Newsday, the New York Times, and Times Union

Highlights from the story below. 

by The Editorial Board, 10/28/22

Gov. Kathy Hochul has compiled an impressive record of achievement in the 14 months she has served as New York’s 57th governor: a far-seeing state budget; a powerful response to a massacre in Buffalo; a fair deal to keep the Bills in Buffalo; and, yes, a focus on dealing with crime. On her own merits, the Democrat has earned a full term in the governor’s office. The weaknesses of her Republican opponent only underscore the fact. […]

She is proving that an upstate woman has just what it takes to lead a large, diverse, unwieldy state. […]

Republican states – and Republican candidates, including Zeldin – howl about crime, but they’re content to let just about anyone have any kind of firearm and take it wherever they want. […]

When an 18-year-old opened fire in a Buffalo supermarket in May, Hochul responded with tougher gun laws. When the U.S. Supreme Court invalidated a century-old law on guns, Hochul summoned the Legislature into special session and signed a new law. That’s acting on crime.

There’s more to Hochul’s record, including her significant role in luring microchip manufacturer Micron to a Syracuse suburb. The economic benefits will radiate around the state, including into Western New York.

[…] Zeldin has shown himself to be reckless. He is among the election deniers who, only hours after a violent insurrection, voted to reject electors pledged to Joe Biden. In doing so, he and other Republicans did the bidding of the rioters who laid siege to the Capitol that day. Some police officers died. For that, Zeldin has forfeited the support of anyone who values democracy.

His opposition to abortion may be, for now, a non-issue, but it’s a significant deviation from what New Yorkers support.

Hochul is doing good work for the residents of this state. They should keep her.