Transportation & Infrastructure

Governor Hochul is fighting to modernize our transportation and infrastructure to protect our state’s environment, keep public transit affordable, and make our communities safer and healthier.

Using state and federal funding, Governor Hochul has provided billions of dollars to communities throughout the state to address critical infrastructure needs, including the replacement of aging water pipelines, constructing flood resiliency projects, and making long overdue improvements to New York’s train stations and airports, among others.

As part of her agenda for New York’s comeback, Governor Hochul announced a bold plan to move forward with a major new rail service that will connect Brooklyn and Queens, the Interborough Express. She is also focused on reconnecting neighborhoods across New York that were severed by asphalt highways, disproportionately impacting communities of color.

As Governor, Kathy is also leading the largest ever investment in New York’s digital infrastructure, putting $1 billion toward connecting more New Yorkers with high-speed internet to boost innovation and economic growth for all communities.

Governor Hochul understands the urgency of the state’s infrastructure needs, and with the landmark infrastructure bill passing in 2021, she will continue to make investments in more resilient transportation systems to improve the lives of New Yorkers, bolster the state’s economy, and address the impacts of climate change.

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