Press Release

President Barack Obama Backs Governor Hochul in New Radio Ad

Published: October 29, 2022
“My friend, Governor Kathy Hochul, is the best person for the job. Hands down.”

NEW YORK –  Barack Obama endorsed Governor Kathy Hochul for a full term in a new radio ad. The 60 second ad, “Hands Down,” praises Governor Hochul for her record of delivering results on public safety, abortion rights and a strong economy, as well as her proven leadership. The former president also reminds voters to vote early starting today, October 29th until November 6th, or on Election Day, November 8th. 


OBAMA: Hello New York, this is Barack Obama.

OBAMA: I know it’s been a minute, but I have a very important message. 

OBAMA: On November 8th, there is an election for Governor in New York and the stakes could not be higher. 

OBAMA: My friend, Governor Kathy Hochul, is the best person for the job. Hands down.

OBAMA: Kathy knows how to get things done. She’s a strong leader who has met the moment for you.

OBAMA: Kathy is strengthening the economy, investing in public safety, and getting illegal guns off the streets. 

OBAMA: And you can count on her to protect abortion rights, voting rights, and everything else you care about. 

OBAMA: Don’t sit this one out. Your vote matters. 

OBAMA: You can vote early in person starting Saturday, October 29th. 

OBAMA: Or vote on Election Day, November 8th. 

OBAMA: I’m counting on you, New York. Get out there and vote for my friend and your Governor, Kathy Hochul.

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